The Wyndham Grand Resort & Spa combines all the North American comforts with a Venezian theme in a Caribbean setting.


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Paddle Boarding

Protected by the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world, the water is generally quite calm and perfect for paddle boarding.  Your board awaits…

World-Class Fishing

Belize is known for fishing year round and is home to hundreds of species including bonefish, barracuda, cobia, grouper, rainbow runners, tarpon and triggerfish. Enjoy fly-fishing or explore into deep sea to find Marlin, Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo, Bonito, and Mahi Mahi.


Belize has the second longest barrier reef in the world; nearly the entire length of the country. The underwater clarity is better in the north near the Wyndham Grand Belize, which hosts Mexico Rocks, Hol Chan and Shark-Ray Alley, some of Belize’s most popular dive and snorkel spots.

Boating and Sailing

A boater’s paradise, that is Belize.  On the Caribbean Sea, you can easily travel to any of the hundreds of islands and three major offshore atolls.

Scuba Diving

From shallow, clear reefs to spectacular drop offs, Belize offers a range of diving for any level of experience. Explore mangrove cayes, coral reefs, seagrass beds and lagoons, all offering something different. Belize is one of the world’s top destinations for scuba diving.


Take a kayak journey that few others have a chance to experience — through the jungles and rainforests of Belize. Kayaking in Belize is world class with calm bay waters that connect to remote cays and rivers as well as the Caribbean Sea for both river and sea kayaking adventures.


Beneath the surface of beautiful Belize, lies the Maya underworld. Explore the ancient past by cave tubing, hiking, or canoeing through the majestic cave systems in Belize.

Bird Watching

With over 500 species of birds, Belize is a birdwatcher’s dream. The ecosystem creates a rich and varied bird population so you will see beautiful birds almost anywhere you go. There are also several bird watching sites throughout Belize.

Marine and Wildlife Reserve

Bacalar Chico Marine and Wildlife Reserve offer the beauty and natural wonders of a remote World Heritage Site. Get a glimpse of an astonishing range of habitats and a diverse array of creatures. See fossilized remains of an ancient barrier reef to the remnants of Maya settlements.

Maya Ruins

Belize lies in the ancient Maya heartland and is a treasure trove of temples, towns and cities, only a few of which have been uncovered.  Prepare to be amazed.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary contains a mosaic of wetland and terrestrial habitats including lagoons, creeks, logwood swamps, broadleaf forest and pine savanna. The Sanctuary protects globally endangered species including the Central American River Turtle, Mexican Black Howler Monkey, and Yellow-headed Parrot.

Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole is located just 60 miles off the coast of Belize. It’s an underwater sinkhole and world-class destination for recreational scuba divers. You can see a plethora of marine life including tropical fish and spectacular coral formations in crystal clear water.

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